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Prevention Mattress

Pressure Relief Mattress

MicroAir MA900 Mattress

Overlay Mattress

3-in-1 Alternating Pressure combined with Pulsation and True Low Air Loss is ideal for situations where Maceration and Moisture Management are an issue.

True Low Air Loss Therapy provides extra comfort for moisture and temperature control

Advanced 3-in-1 alternating function inflates and deflates cells in a 3:1 cycle, providing active pressure relief by supporting 2/3 of the body at any given time

HeelSense™ Technology can help provide further therapy and comfort by decreasing pressure in the vulnerable heel area

60 second pulsation feature can help promote blood flow to tissues by continually relieving surface pressure every 60 seconds to 70% of the comfort setting

Auto Firm Mode provides quick maximum inflation within seconds to aid with transfers and nursing procedures

ma800 400



Alternating Pressure Mattress

Lateral Rotation Mattress

Non Power Pressure Relief Mattress

Pro-Care Turn Mattress

Rhythm Turn Mattress

Elite Turn Mattress

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